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Some months ago I found on a flea market a very interesting toy: A Grunding hifi 15010 with Elac Miracord 625 Turntable directly from 70’s!

Grundig 15010 with Elac Miracord 625

The young guy sold me it for 35€ (great deal!) because, I think, he didn’t understand soo much about those things. I had to buy a new stylus, because the original one was broken and do some internal modifications that I’ll show in some pics.

For first we have to find how to power it! Due to its age, it used an old ugly connector for power. Since I was planning to also reduce a bit the 50Hz noise I decided to replace the entire connector by using one of this also used in classic tower computer.

Aftert this I’ve immediately checked grounds and some soldering points. Actually the preaplifier ground was on the SAME wire that transport the music to the main amplifier, it was really thin! I’ve Immediately bought a bigger cable and replaced it, checked and fixed some spoiled soldering points and also replaced the two RCAs from the tone arm.

Finally the turntable sounds perfect, but needed some regulation because the tone arm doesn’t lift correctly on the disk many times. Found the original manuals on the internet, oiled some gears and calibrated the arm.

By the way my father asked me if he could record some vinyls on PC with this turntable. It can’t, of course, because it doesn’t have any output from the preamplifier, only the classical DIN connector for loadspeakers… for now. So I’ve added two RCAs and a switch in the backpanel to select the preamplifier output! Now we can record our favorite vinyl on PC! But we could also connect it on a more powerfull amplifier!

Of course my dad was super happy, and so did I!


A little test with one of my favourite tracks :)



Original manuals, founds on the internet, converted in PDF (print ready!):

First manual

Second manual


Thanks to Snake, my partner in science, for helping me with my bad english!